M2M Solidarity

Shared notions of solidarity from Amsterdam and Grenoble

Is there a culture of European solidarity? Yes, if you look at the local level. Many local communities in Europe have transformed their context by experimenting with new forms of democracy.

In these videos made by Amsterdam City Rights and Next Planning in Grenoble,  we explore the spaces and buildings that welcome them but also the ones that exclude them. Personal stories intertwined with urban structures convey a message of a shared problem of public spaces across Europe that has been heavily intensified with the pandemic.

These videos are an outcome of the M2M Solidarity project initiated by the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. The project brought 11 European community-based projects together in groups of two or three with a brief to each to produce an expression of European solidarity seeking to contribute to a revival of European Solidarity.

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About the participant organisations

Amsterdam City Rights, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam City Rights is a team of people with and without the right documents. Since the start of Covid-19, they focus on signalling, meeting on the streets and giving information.Their website provides information about the rights of undocumented people and where they can go for assistance. People without a valid residence permit can and should be helped. They are citizens of Amsterdam and contribute to our city life, yet many are prevented from meeting their basic needs because of their lack of status. The city should take positive action to care for all of its citizens, whether or not they have papers, and have consideration and understanding for the vulnerable position in which many undocumented migrants live.

Read more: https://www.amsterdamcityrights.org/

Next Planning/Atelier Popular d’Urbanisme, Grenoble, France

Next Planning aims to experiment, research, capitalize and disseminate participatory urban planning methods to promote the commons, the right to the city and a new municipalism that strengthens the ecological transition of the territories. The association contributes to the emergence, animation and structuring of the Popular Urban Planning Workshop (APU) in a spirit of challenge and co-construction of public policies.

Read more: https://transformativecities.org/atlas/housing4/

The M2M Solidarity project creates peer-learning exchanges between these collectives, and seeks to contribute to a revival of European solidarity.