Ideas into movement

This September and October TNI staff, friends and family are going the extra mile to share TNI’s ideas and raise money for our work. Governments are increasingly unwilling and unable to invest in organisations that question global systems and challenge the powerful. To retain a loud and independent voice in this environment, we rely on people like you to support our efforts. You can read about the challenges and how to  donate below.

We have some amazing people taking part in a number of well-known Dutch events, including the Dam tot Dam Loop, The Dam tot Dam Wandeltoch, The Dam tot Dam Fiets Classic and the Mizuno Half marathon in Amsterdam. They will be walking running and cycling to raise money for the Transnational Institute and to bring awareness to the various issues that TNI has, and continues to tackle, for almost half a century. Literally putting ideas into movement.

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Thanks in advance for your support.

Help Daniel raise €1.000

We must run! Climate change is the greatest challenge that humanity faces. Unless we ensure a fast restructuring of the global energy system based on public and social ownership,the transition the world urgently needs will not take place.

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Help Sara raise €1.000

I am fundraising for TNI because I find TNI’s work on trade and investment important, compelling and illuminating (OR: revealing). TNI shows time and again how the current trade and investment regime strengthens corporate power while obstructing social and environmental justice. TNI-ers provide the world with both critical analyses and considered alternatives rooted in local and grassroots demands. Worth not one but two runs if you ask me!

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Help Jess raise €1.000

I am doing a big bike ride on my Oma Fiets and raising money for TNI. I am loving the work of the Public alternatives programme. Working to reverse privatisation and to help construct democratic, accountable and effective public services. It is great for workers and everyday people to take back control of our economic and political institutions.

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Help Fons raise €1.000

I am cycling 150 kms to support TNI’s Border Wars work. I protest the cruel reality whereby — in the name of “security” — refugees are criminalised, de-humanised, and locked up in camps, if not just pushed back into the sea. I support TNI’s work because our current border regimes in Europe de-humanise not only the refugees, but also us in whose name they are erected. I want no part in such criminal acts.

Abolish Frontex now!

Help Sylvia raise €1.000

I’m running to raise money in support of TNI’s work to advance food sovereignty – the right of people to define their own culturally appropriate and healthy food systems. Millions of people around the globe are hungry, food insecure, or malnourished. Many of them are farmers themselves. TNI works to support real solutions, such as agroecology, to transform the food system and advance the cause of agrarian, environmental and social justice.

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Help Sebas raise €1.000

I am fundraising for TNI because the Transnational Institute is doing great work in fighting corporations avoiding law and taxes and the power these corporations hold on over us. Because I support this struggle against corporations wielding power over people, I will do both a Dam to Dam bike-ride and walk in one weekend.

Help Josephine raise €1.000

I’m fundraising for TNI because its Border Wars work is essential in uncovering the world’s deadly border regimes. From exposing the crimes committed by Frontex in Europe to revealing the lobbying efforts by private companies for an ever-increasing US border militarisation, TNI has done groundbreaking research in this field. And it doesn’t stop there: TNI’s reports propose alternatives for a world in which human safety and not national security take the centre stage.

Help Katie raise €1.000

I’m fundraising for TNI because their decades of groundbreaking work on drug policies have helped to advance policies and practices that protect human rights at every level. They have helped to strengthen the voices of small-scale farmers, fight for evidence-based policies, and push back against the toxic and violent rhetoric of the ‘war on drugs’.

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Help John & Marga raise €1.000

“We are cycling along because we are concerned bout the power that Big Techs have. Over our private domain but also over the influence they have in both democratic states and authoritarian regimes. Information and communication channels are monopolised by them. This has to stop. We go for open source”

Help Jeoffrey raise €1.000

One of their programmes: “Agrarian and environmental Justice” focuses on the fair distribution of natural resources for basic human needs. I believe that every person on this planet should have unhindered access to their own local sources of food and water, without interference of (foreign) governments or companies.

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Help Sam raise €1.000

I’m running for TNI because I want basic human rights like local access to food and clean water to be available to all and owned / run by local communities, and because I want to help TNI to pressure wealthy governments into more quickly vaccinating the whole world’s most vulnerable against Covid-19, not just the wealthy, and to improve international health policy to ensure fair access for all people.

Updates from participants:

Blog updates:

Update from Katie August 1st:

Last weekend’s rainy trip to the Hague – does it still count as training if the main goal is dinner on the beach? 38km loop Leiden-Scheveningen. Not pictured, 10,000 tiny frogs playing frogger in the bike lane. Thanks to Cynthia Schild for the excellent company!

Update from Jess July 30th:

Super excited for my new update. Bit late at night but just got home. Dropped back my rental bike this morning after 3 days of fun zooming around in Berlin. Gotta get practice in anyway you can even on holidays. 😉
Also charmed my way out of trouble with one of those not cop travel cops so did not get a fine for overtaking a slow Berlin rider on a bridge. Woops!

If you have not had the chance to donate yet any amount would be awesome. You can directly at


thx in advance

Update from Fons July 29th:

Had a 108 km training ride today…pfff.. That it was very windy….battling against the wind! Cabbage fields…..spent a lot of my childhood years on fields like this. You can tell i went up and down to the heart of West Friesland. That’s where i was born and raised. Always wind. But i love going there. Cycled to the village of Sijbekarspel and back to have lunch with my brother.


Update from Josephine July 22nd:

Cycling to vlietland on a hired OV fiets because when you get the chance to ride you take it!

Update from Jeoffrey July 22nd:

Another great quick afternoon ride with view on the IJsselmeer 🙂
Managed to go 42km/h at one point 😵‍💫.
Want me to go faster? Make a donation and I’ll give it my best shot!! 🙂
And yes, my selfie game is weak, but proud of that tbh 😛

Update from Jess July 21st:

Super happy with the weather here, Sunny and great. Makes training for the big ride wayyyyy better then when it is raining. I still need to finish work for the day before I get out for a ride. Here is a cool short TNI fundraising video we collectively made not to long ago. I clicked on it again. Its pretty cool! Check it out. See why I am doing what I am doing. ❤
Thanks to everyone who has supported through this fundraiser or direct with TNI so far. LOVE YOU AWESOME PEEPS!

Update from Daniel July 19th:

Back in my element… Late afternoon hike in the Veluwe.

Update from Josephine July 18th:

Bike ride along the river Saale with a visit to Naumburg, Saxony

Update from Sebas July 18th:

Cycling to leiden and back.

Update from Katie July 11th:

Great training ride to Utrecht yesterday with Jess, and victory tacos! We took our time and stopped for every baby animal along the way – a beautiful Saturday afternoon.


Update from Jeoffrey July 11th:

Great ride yesterday with these Duvel worshippers;) 115k with my dad and two uncles. Amazing scenery and lots of climbing @ hoge Veluwe. Good prep for September 🙂
Of course we enjoyed a nice cold one at the end 🍻!

Update from Jess July 10th:

Did a big old practice today with the awesome Katie Sandwell we rode from Leiden to Utrecht. We stopped for many baby animals, a boerderij winkel, lunch in Bodegraven, saw a cheese vending machine!!! (eat your heart out Japan) and stopped at a polski sklep for perogies for dinner and a celebration polish beer on the train. Took us about 3 and a halfish hours. Bloody epic day!.

Update from Katie July 6th:

We were rewarded for an after-dinner training bikeride with this beautiful misty Dutch sunset.

Update from Jess July 6th:

Got a big ride planned tomorrow after work and I am downloading podcasts to re-listen to.
Here Peeps check out this one on Public Banks.
Taken from In this episode we explore what role public banks can play in building alternative finance and how they can be democratised; we hear about the case of Belfius bank in Belgium which is facing re-privatization pressures; and we explore the role that art and culture can play in helping people to understand finance.
Professor Thomas Marois (SOAS)
Frank Vanaerschot (FairFin)
Aline Fares (“Belfius is Ours” platform, Chroniques d’une ex-banquière)

Update from Jeoffrey June 29th:

Met these guys last Saturday, at least they didn’t boo me 😛